Jeet Kune Do

Definition (via Wikipedia): Jeet Kune Do, also Jeet Kun Do, and abbreviated JKD, is an eclectic and hybrid martial art system and philosophy of life founded by the martial artist Bruce Lee (1940–1973) in 1967 with simple and direct, or straightforward, movements and non-classical style.

Jeet Kune Do focuses on the self-defense and betterment of oneself through the martial arts. Based on Jun Fan Gung Fu with roots in Wing Chun, Western Boxing, and Fencing, Jeet Kune Do has answers for many of life's situations.

David will teach you his approach to Jeet Kune Do so you can attain lifelong knowledge and confidence through this lens of Martial Arts.

Filipino Kali

The Filipino Martial Arts, commonly umbrellaed under the name Filipino Kali, derive from the Philippines and constitute several modes of combat; ranging from hand-to-hand to knife fighting, the most common of stick fighting to bow-staff. Kali has many forms and lineages, many of which David has trained.

Kali is best known as a stick fighting art, but once transferred to knives becomes even more deadly. 

Martial Arts Research Systems

David is a Martial Arts Research Systems (MARS) Affiliate and has the blessing to teach the arts under the banner of MARS and Ron Balicki (ronbalicki.com)